Midnight Blue

Your nightclub
in Quebec.

The comeback of nostalgia

We are all nostalgic for the past in our own way. We say to ourselves that in the old days it was better, that nightlife had its golden age in the 80s or 90s or early 2000s. We too often wonder where to live a truly crazy experience, where to let loose, where you can hear real good music, classics as well as new trends. Music that has made people dance everywhere in clubs in the last years, last decades. Let yourself be carried away for a night, to the sound of our DJs, to celebrate music, nightlife and above all life.

At Midnight Blue, we remember.

In recent years, the unexpected has been happening: a hint of interest in the music that forged the 90s and the 2000s. Since then, film remakes, the return of artists from these eras and tours of performances by artists as strong as ever. At the FEQ, in music, in cinema, in fashion, in culture, everywhere we feel it, Quebec is nostalgic. We allow you to experience this nostalgia every weekend.

The Midnight Blue, a journey through time.

Midnight Blue takes you on a journey through time. Come relive the era of discotheques and be surprised upon entering by a decor accentuated with retro elements. We have thought of everything down to the smallest detail, including the large dance floor, the sound system, lighting, strobe, black light, neon lights, CO2 lasers, glowstick, UV paint... Our mission is to make you live the Midnight Blue experience. Able to accommodate a very large capacity of people, Midnight Blue will immerse you in the atmosphere of original nightclubs with our DJ who will make you dance and sing to the sound of the greatest musical hits. Whether you lived through this era, or are just be intrigued, it is within the walls of Midnight Blue that you will experience an incomparable Nightlife experience. 

The night belongs to us. Your life is too short to go out without having fun. Trust us, midnight is your ultimate destination to enjoy your precious free evenings. 

Open Thursday to Saturday from 21 PM. 18 years and older.

Everything happens after Midnight…

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